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The Ties That Bind follows Mila Greene, a freelance pilot and hired hand with a reputation for burying her feelings deep. Mila is thrown against her will into the middle of a civil war on the desert world of Messar, and must use all her wits to survive on the knife-edge between survival and devastation. Things only get more complicated when she learns that it's not just her life at stake, but also the lives of thousands of innocents and everyone she has ever cared about.

The Ties That Bind is an epic, branching sci-fi visual novel from two-time Aurealis Award finalist Shane W Smith.

It was made using TyranoBuilder, and this version, developed in a month and covering the opening sequence of the game, was uploaded specifically to enter the TyranoJam 2015 contest. Depending upon which of the seven endings is obtained, a single playthrough should run around approximately 25 minutes.

The game also contains a brief interactive tutorial for users unfamiliar with visual novels.

PublisherDeeper Meanings Publishing
AuthorShane W Smith
GenreVisual Novel
TagsMouse only, Multiple Endings, Sci-fi, Space, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
AccessibilitySubtitles, Interactive tutorial, One button

Install instructions

The Ties That Bind installation instructions

At the moment, the Windows version of this game is the only one available, as it is the only one I'm able to test.

So... you need Windows. You also need a zip file extractor (though most recent versions of Windows have built-in support for zip files).

Once you've got Windows, just unzip TTTB.zip and open the .exe file to play the game. That's it.


TTTB.zip 397 MB

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